Well Over 2 Million Dollar Inventory of Museum Quality Antique Clocks in Burns Court – Sarasota, Florida.

 “After being an avid clock collector for over 30 years, my new passion goes beyond selling the clocks and seeing them go to good homes. Having more room to showcase the next timepiece that just arrived. That, is my new love” Larry Adami, owner of the Antique Clock Emporium explains, “It can take me years of searching for the right style and condition to get one clock in. Not to mention the wait for shipping and customs, then the work begins to get them cleaned, functional (sometimes restored) and shop worthy. I am proud of them all.”

With over 300 clocks at any given moment – That is well over 2-million dollars in inventory of museum quality clocks.

Antique clocks deserve to be preserved and admired. It is permanence beyond the digital age and its fast-paced turnover with the current throwaway (cellphones and virtual assistants) that have replaced this antiquated time-keeping art. And Larry is dedicated to it.

They are a legacy to hand down and a treasure to be gifted. These clocks do more than keep time; they spend time with you and become part of your family. Unlike wall-art, they have a heart-beat all their own and set the tone of the room with more than just their looks. That tick-tock that has persisted unchanged is priceless. Will we feel the same about Siris’ voice in 100 years? Sorry Siri­.

Love for horology satisfies a wide range of tastes with themes including nature, music, history and astrology. Some have intricate calendars and temperature readings. There are so many varieties and sizes of clocks to choose from. Their movements are from captivating to subtle but each with an elegance that demands a closer look.

The Antique Clock Emporium is a quick walk through history with owner Larry Adami as your guide. He knows what makes each clock special, and the interesting details like the age, worldly region and maker. Hand-made gears, ball bearings and pulls make the inner workings just as beautiful as the decorated clock cases adorned in gold, bronze and marble. But the appreciation for these rare beauties goes beyond the craftsmanship and imagined technological hardships of their era. Their mere survival stories are awe-inspiring.

When you stop by the Antique Clock Emporium you walk through time.