7157 Floriate “Marbres D’ Algerie Co.” Cornu & Viot 1868 Paris Expo Winner Clock *Extremely Rare*

Maker: Eugene Cornu / Japy Freres
Circa: 1870
This extremely rare Paris Expo winner clock is a rose gold gilt bronze and yellow gold dore has a Floriate scrolled care with Algerian onyx and a silver dial.
Signed and made by the famous sculpture. Eugene Cornu for Mr. Gustav Viot, owner of the prestigious1868 “Marbres D’ Algerie Co.” of the Blvd De Italliennes, Paris.
Signed and matched number.
Cornu & Viot partnered to win the 1868 Paris Expo. for their Bronze, Gold, and Enamel work. Viots firm was known for it’s incredible high end one-of-a-kind produced for Paris’ elite.

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